Do you still do picnics?

We can, but....

When we started CPC we had dreams of people having a picnic on Churches while watching the sunset.  But then Churches lost it's sand.  And Channel became a no vehicles area.  And suddenly there weren't a lot of great options for picnic spots.  We are happy to work with customers who would like a picnic and have a spot in mind that is picnic set up friendly, but our focus has become more on the charcuterie and dessert boxes

What is included in a picnic?

Our picnics are 2 hours in length and include a picnic blanket, comfy pillows, a low table, place settings, lighting/decor, a blue tooth speaker, and lemon water.  We set everything up for you at the location of your choice and will come clean it all up at the end of your picnic. Additional items are available as add-on's.

Food is NOT included in picnics.  Charcuterie boards are available as an add on, you can order a meal from one of the local restaurants and we can coordinate delivery or you are welcome to bring your own.

What do we need to do to book a picnic?

Fill out an inquiry form and we will be in touch! Please note that to secure a date a $50 deposit is required. 

What is your cancellation and inclement weather policy? 

If the weather forecast predicts inclement weather for your picnic date or you need to cancel, please contact us 48 hours in advance in order to refund your deposit. We may also be able to reschedule your picnic.

What can we do for food?

Try our charcuterie board!

You can also order food from the following on island restaurants and we can deliver to the picnic site:

Cuttyhunk Shellfish (Raw Bar)

The Little Red Lobster Shack

Soprano's Pizza

(if ordering from restaurant, customer is responsible for creating order and payment to the restaurant)

What if we only want a charcuterie board and not a picnic?

We can do that too! 

Can we book a picnic at any time of day?

Well, that depends on where you want your picnic.  During high tides (see tide charts) there isn't much space on the beach for a picnic, but you could choose a setting not by the water (like the top of the hill).  Another consideration is that the beaches are pretty crowded during prime sun hours, so it may be difficult to get the "full experience" of a VIP exclusive setting during that time.

How are you keeping your business eco-conscious?

Many of the things you see at the picnic we have made ourselves or upcycled! We also focus on using things that are reusable, not disposable.

Can we pick the meats and cheeses we want for our charcuterie?

What meats and cheeses we have in stock changes weekly, so it's difficult to have a "menu" to choose from.  However, if you have dietary preferences (i.e. if you don't eat meat and want just cheese and fruit, want to avoid spicy, etc.) we will do everything we can to make sure your box or platter is to your liking!